Wednesday, February 28, 2018

School Shootings -BulletProof Backpacks

School Shooting and  the surge in " Bullet Proof "Back Packs.In the last two weeks we have be inundated, with quotation requests, numerous phone calls with "New and Improved " ideas on how to design products for schools!

Bulldog Direct Protective Systems Inc. has been in business for over 20 years, and when these tragic situations happen there is always an uptick in people wanting to make a fast buck.

We had one "customer" contact us and purchase a few of our NIJ Level IIIA Dyneema Armor Panels, to rush to market on Amazon. They did not even have a product to sell! Took some of our propriety information, and Ballistic Test Reports and claim to have a tested product to sell. In reality they have never even these their own product to see if it even works..........! How sick is the! Kids could die because of some one wanting to make a fast buck. In these situations it's buyer beware!

Because of all these new "Ballistic Experts" flooding the market with products that may or may not work, we will be entering the market in the next few days, with our armor solutions that work and have the proper independent ballistic testing  to NIJ Test specifications for both hand gun and assault rifle protection. If you are looking for a Ballistic Backpack it is crucial that you ask the company to provide you with ballistic test reports from a certified ballistic testing laboratory , such as H.P.White.