Sunday, February 21, 2010

Forced Entry & Physical Attack Resistant Glass

Forced Entry & Physical Attack Resistant Glass
Bulldog Direct Protective Systems Security Glass Clad Laminates provide long-lasting protection against moderate ballistic and forced entry threats. The durability and versatility of these laminates make them a perfect choice for correctional facilities, court houses, government building and corporate security applications.

By altering thickness and composition ( Adding layers of glass or polycarbonate ) Bulldog Security Glass Clad Laminates can be customized to specific threat level requirements.

Available: clear, grey, green, bronze ( wire glass units also available )We can provide you with the following surfaces: Tempered, Heat strengthened, Annealed, Chemically tempered.

Bulldog Direct's Forced Entry & Physical Attack Resistant Glass offers you an unparalleled combination of visual clarity and superior attack and ballistic protection, making them the most effective protective glass product available today! We custom fabricate each system to meet your unique specifications and to fit within your budget. Our Flat Glass systems are fabricated using the latest equipment: high-temperature, computerized slumping and forming ovens. And in addition we use high-pressure autoclaves, vacuum assisted cutting and layout tables. All of our glass systems are assembled under atmosphere-controlled clean-room conditions.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lightweight Transparent Armor [LTA] Vehicle Safety Glass

Lightweight Transparent Armor [LTA] Vehicle Safety Glass
LTA Glass Protection:
Anti-Theft - Defeats penetration by common hand-held threats such as a center punch, tire iron, ball peen hammer, etc.

Anti- Riot - Disallows penetration of thrown objects from vandalism and riot situations including rocks, bricks, bottles, cinder blocks, molotov cocktails, etc.

Anti-Physical Assault - Resists forced entry and prolonged attack from hammers, hatchets, baseball bats, sledge hammers pick ax, etc.

Ballistic Protection - from small powered hand and shotgun rounds. [13mm]

Discreet Protection - looks like normal automotive glass and does not call attention to its capabilities.

Directly Interchangeable - with OEM auto glass without vehicle modification.

Improved Safety - LTA is anti-lacerative and eliminates dangerous flying glass fragments when exterior glass is broken.

Impact Break Resistant - The energy absorption characteristics of the added polycarbonate and interlayers greatly increase the breakage resistance of the OEM glass.

Vehicle glass has always been the weakest link when it comes to protecting any passenger vehicle.
All automotive side and rear glass safety standards are set by the Federal Government. These standards call for all side and rear glass to, when broken, not break into shards that have dangerously sharp edges that can injure passengers. Standards call for tempered glass to be used for side and rear windows. Tempered glass is plate glass that has been heated to a high temperature and then quenched quickly in oil. Tempered glass breaks into small round pebbles with no sharp edges, However this does not provide any protection for the vehicle occupants except from the weather!

TA Glass: is standard 5/32 auto glass backed with thin layers of polycarbonate that are bonded to the inside of the vehicle glass with polyurethane bonding interlayers. LTA offers anti-penetration protection: is Impact break resistant LTA resists forced entry and prolonged attacks from hammers, hatchets, baseball bats, pipes, sledge hammers, pick ax, and protection from thrown objects such as rocks, bricks, bottles, cinder blocks, molotov cocktails, etc., as well protection from theft!
LTA comes in two levels of protection: 6 mm [ anti-penetration; "smash & grab" protection ] and LTA 13mm. LTA 13 mm provides all of the above protection but with the addition of protection from small powered hand and shotgun rounds.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Custom Wheels for Armored Vehicles

Bulldog Direct can now offer you a complete turnkey package built to our high standards of performance in our new state of the art Wheel Center. Our experienced Engineers can Design, Engineer and Manufacturer Wheels to meet every specialized need-even produce an entire "Private Label" line of Wheels for you. Whether your requirements are Wheels for Automobiles, Trucks, Military Vehicles, High-Security Armored Limousines We Can Fill Your Needs.

Our Service Includes: All requisite Certifications of Compliance to whatever standards are required by your end user. Performed by independent testing laboratories. We can manufacture Wheels in Steel, or Forged or Cast Aluminum, in one, two or three piece units, as required by your vehicles design needs. Multi-piece wheels can be bolted or welded together.

All Wheels can be built to the load bearing specifications as required for your custom application. We can manufacturer Custom Wheels up to 24" in diameter. Wheel surfaces are prepared for finishing via an aqueous pretreatment process, electrostatic powder coated and cured in a high tempature oven to produce a high quality corrosive -resistant finish in the color of your choice.

Completed Wheels can also be fitted with our Run Flat Tire Inserts [ Standard / or Blast Land mine ] depending on your needs as well as a Tire of your choice. The result is is a complete assembly balanced and ready to install on your vehicle. If you also have needs for sold tires or bonded rubber wheels please contact us.

All of our Wheels, and Run Flat Tire Insert assemblies meet ISO 9000 standards. The history on every Wheel is completely traceable via serial numbering. All operations and key quality control parameters are bar coded and recorded in our computer system, thus the history of every product can be identified at all times.

Land Mine / Blast Protection: VFI (Variable Function Insert ) - a solid rubber insert that fits securely around a multi-piece, "flat base" rim. The device is inserted into a tubeless tire, which is in turn fitted around the wheel, thus becoming an "assembly" of complimentary components all designed to work together to provide optimum mobility. Two types of wheels are satisfactory for use in this "assembly" either a "2 piece bolt together" or a "3 piece lock ring style" which utilizes a lock ring and side ring to secure all the parts together. In addition, the VFI provides improved survivability for vehicle occupants due to the nature of its design and the added benefit of the dense rubber material from which the product is manufactured. The Bulldog VFI is also designed to function as both a beadlock and Run Flat, thus providing maximum performance in all terrain conditions. Most importantly, the VFI meets all U.S. military standards, as well as the FINABEL and NATO standards required by most European military agencies making the VFI the most widely used Run Flat in the world.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Curved Bullet Resistant Vehicle Glass

Our Curved Bullet Resistant Glass systems for vehicles offer you an unparalleled combination of visual clarity and superior attack and ballistic protection, making them the most effective protective vehicle glass products available today! We custom fabricate each Bullet Resistant Vehicle Glass system to meet your unique specifications and to fit within your budget. Our Bullet Proof Vehicle Glass systems are fabricated using the latest equipment: high-temperature, computerized slumping and forming ovens to shape the curves and bends required for many of today's modern vehicles in addition we use high-pressure autoclaves, vacuum assisted cutting and layout tables. All of our glass systems are assembled under atmosphere-controlled clean-room conditions.

Curved Bullet Resistant Glass
is a Glass-Clad Polycarbonate multi- ply composite laminate combing Polycarbonate and Glass using special polyurethane high adhesion bonding interlayers which allow or the expansion / contraction differential of both materials. This special interlayer and the manufacturing process are key elements in controlling the 10:1 thermal expansion ratio. This design allows us significant latitude to almost any Ballistic Threat from .9mm handguns to .30-06 Armor Piercing Rounds. Combining the the obvious advantages of glass and Polycarbonate provides 3 primary benefits over ALL-Glass composites. #1= Thickness and weight savings up to 60% over conventional ALL-Glass systems. #2= Multiple impact protection ,and high ballistic protection from rifles. #3= The high structural integrity of Polycarbonate with the abrasion, chemical, flame resistance of Glass.

Polycarbonate is plastic material 30 times stronger than acrylic which is 17 times stronger than an equal thickness of single strength glass. Polycarbonate ,therefore,is an excellent impact barrier and is used as the core material of our Bullet Resistant composite. Polycarbonate is susceptible to abrasion, scratching, chemical attack, heat or flame. Polycarbonate alone is not an effective ballistics barrier above handgun protection. Our solution is a combination o these materials to take advantage of their benefits while eliminating their individual shortcomings.

All of our Protective Glass systems are directly interchangeable with OEM [ Original Equipment Manufacturer ] parts .Our Curved Bullet Resistant Glass meets standards set by: [ANSI] American National Standards Institute, [SAE] the Society of Automotive Engineers [DOT] Department of Transportation, [ASTM] American Standard Testing Materials. Ballistic testing provided by: H.P.White Laboratories Inc.

Dyneema Armor Panels

Dyneema / Spectra Shield© 50"x63" Vehicle Armor Panels are the strongest, lightest, composite ballistic material made today! Spectra Shield isn't a woven fabric like most ballistic materials i.e. [ Kevlar] used today! But instead, a thin,flexible ballistic composite made from two layers of unidirectional fibers held in place by flexible resins. These fibers are arranged so they cross each other at 0 and 90 degree angles, then, both fiber and resin layers are sealed between two thin sheets of polyethylene film similar to sarran wrap. Spectra Shield is ten times stronger than steel.

Dyneema / Spectra Shield composite armor panels are readily cut and fabricated using commonly available tools [saber saw with a knife blade will easily cut the panels.] The panels can then be glued in place, or installed with screws, nuts and bolts, etc. Butt joints are ballistically weak, reinforce them with a min. 4" wide strip of same level of material to cover any gaps in the panels.

Our Dyneema / Spectra Shield panels panels were tested behind .040 aluminum panels, go to next higher level of protection for stand alone applications.

Kevlar Armor Panels

Kevlar :50"x41" Vehicle Armor Panels. The big breakthrough in the development of modern ballistic armor was the creation of the aramid fibers called "KEVLAR" Kevlar is the registered trade name used by Du Pont for the aramid fiber. Kevlar was originally marketed for use in strengthening radial tire belts but soon found applications in protective clothing, cables, and protective housings for equipment. Because Kevlar is a flexible fiber, it can be woven into cloth, Such cloth is strong enough to stop high-speed projectiles and -in layers- will stop bullets. Kevlar composites will stop most handgun rounds up to .44 Magum.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Run Flat Tire Inserts

Bulldog Direct with special arrangements from Rodgard is pleased to announce that for the first time in Rodgard's history they are allowing direct sales of their "World Renowned" Run Flat Tire Inserts through Bulldog Direct. Any Armored Vehicle that you have seen from Government Armored Limousines, Bodyguard Vehicles, U.N.Vehicles, Police SWAT Trucks etc. most likely have a set of Rodgard Run Flat Tire Inserts installed on them. For over 20 years Rodgard Run Flat Tire Inserts have protected Presidents, Government Agents, Dignitaries, Heads of State, Ambassadors, Rock & Movie Stars, etc.

Rodgard Run Flat Tire Inserts are made from lightweight, high strength polyester elastomers comprised of two components, a Roller and a Runner. The Runner is securely attached to the wheel in the drop center, and provides a track or channel in which the roller is allowed to move or "rotate" about the wheel at the same speed as the tire, thus reducing friction and heat build up. The Rodgard Run Flat Tire Insert has unique properties that make it resistant to crack propagation and deterioration from Ballistic Attack or Road Hazards.

Bullet Resistant Glass

Our Bullet Resistant Glass Systems offers you an unparalleled combination of visual clarity and superior attack and ballistic protection, making them the most effective protective glass product available today! We custom fabricate each system to meet your unique specifications and to fit within your budget. Our Flat Glass systems are fabricated using the latest equipment: high-temperature, computerized slumping and forming ovens. And in addition we use high-pressure autoclaves, vacuum assisted cutting and layout tables. All of our glass systems are assembled under atmosphere-controlled clean-room conditions.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Armored Vehicles

We can Armor you brand new 2009 to 2010 year vehicles

Personal Armored Vehicles

Bulldog Direct Protective Systems Inc. is a leading worldwide supplier of armored vehicles and custom bulletproof cars.
Since 1998 we have sold thousands of high quality armored cars worldwide. Our goal is to provide you with the safest,
most secure bullet resistant vehicle available on the market today while helping you maintain a low profile.

We specialize in armoring vehicles that are custom designed to fit our customers needs weather it be a high end
luxury armored sedan, a standard SUV, such as a Toyota Landcruiser, Chevrolet Suburban, Pick Up Truck
or a Mercedes Benz. So, whatever you're in search of we have your ideal solution.
Call us today to set up a meeting and a full factory tour.

If you have any questions please give us a call at:

Quotation Request

Bullet Resistant Vests

Bullet Resistant Vests
For 25 years Police officers have survived life-threatening attacks due to bullet-resistant body armor. Unfortunately, during those same 25 years, attacks on citizens have increased and so has serious injuries and fatalities. The time has come for citizens to protect themselves from the dangers faced daily. "The Bulldog Direct Protective Series" of body armor is designed especially for people who may be exposed to dangerous high risk situations. Manufactured with Allied Signal's Spectra Shield armor, the Protector series body armor will help you survive the many dangers of living in today's society. Occupational dangers are most obvious: store owners, clerks, taxi drivers, bank tellers, delivery service couriers, private security personnel, firefighters, doctors and ambulance drivers; virtually anyone can become the target of sudden violence. Situational dangers occur daily: Do you drive your vehicle in dangerous places where car-jackings might occur? Have there been break-ins in your residential or business neighborhood? Are you planning a trip to a dangerous area or city ? If so there is a Protector for YOU!!! Be safe order today!!

Bulldog Direct Offers Two Different Types Of Bullet Resistant Vests

Standard Bullet Resistant Vests:

We carry a full line of "Standard" Bullet Resistant Vests manufactured with either Kevlar or Spectra Shield ballistic material. Ballistic vests are made using multiple layers of very strong fiber to "catch" and deform a bullet, mushrooming it into a dish shape, and spreading its force over a larger portion of the vest fiber. The vest absorbs the energy from the deforming bullet, bringing it to a stop before it can completely penetrate the ballistic material. Some layers may be penetrated but as the bullet deforms, the energy is absorbed by a larger and larger fiber area. A ballistic vest, bulletproof vest or bullet-resistant vest is an item of protective clothing that helps absorb the impact from handgun rounds up to .44 magnum, and is worn on the torso. Our "Standard" Bullet Resistant Vests are only designed to stop threats from handgun rounds and offer no protection from sharp objects such as Knifes and ice picks our full line of "Stab" Bullet Resistant Vests listed below do offer such protection.

Stab And Bullet Resistant Vests:

We also carry a full line of "Stab" Bullet Resistant Vests

Stab - Guard: Protection from vicious slash and stab attacks that our "Standard Bullet Resistant Vests cannot. You know the kind. The up-close and personal attacks. The ones that can really do some lasting damage. Bulldog Direct's "Stab - Guard" line of Knife and Bullet Resistant Vests are leading the field with new technology. This amazing material is called Stab - Guard and is manufactured with a superfine fiber that is woven into a very dense fabric which resists penetration by even the smallest tip. For more than two decades, KEVLAR has been the technology leader in protective soft body armor. This new fiber is four times thinner than normal ballistic fibers ( for an ultra dense weave) and five times stronger than steal. The vests are tightly woven construction in a flexible fabric format so that impact energy is dissipated and fibers are less likely to spread apart puncture or penetration by a weapon.

Bullet Resistant Vests

Bulldog Direct Bullet Resistant Vests

Bullet Resistant Concealable Vests

Police Tactical Vests

Bullet Resistant K-9 Vests

Bullet Resistant Helmets and Chest Plates